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SEO is a marketing investment. However, unlike  short lived marketing campaigns like radio, T.V. or print advertising, an SEO investment has a much longer and fruitful return. This is because, even long after your SEO programe is completed, you will be reaping the rewards of having a high ranking in Google. SEO is a combination of both on-page factors (how your website is wired) and off-page factors (how other websites link to your site). There are a lot of very cheap and nasty SEO providers out there, many of whom have probably spammed your email at some stage. Using such services will likely either get your site penalised by Google, or have little effect. SEO in the the New Zealand market needs to be undertaken by local providers who understand Google NZ's ranking algorithm.

Our SEO Results

Dobros Band Website - No.1 Rankings!

Warkworth Web's SEO programme saw The Dobros website achieve Page 1 of Google for all 20 of it's target terms. It even cliamed number 1 spot for the competitive term "Auckland Wedding Band".

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