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Why Warkworth?

Known as the Aucklander's rural retreat, Warkworth is a not-so-sleepy town 45 minutes North of the city.  Earmarked as one the countries biggest areas of residential growth, Warkworth was the ideal location to start a web company. At Warkworth Web, we strongly believe in keeping it local - because that's what makes our little town great. Although the encroaching "Republic of Auckland" threatens to swallow us whole - we can retain our small town way, by simply keeping it local.

About Me - Adam Dowling, Director

Working with several Digital Marketing agencies throughout Auckland, I have gained invaluable experience working alongside some of the industry's best and brightest. Absorbing as much knowledge as I could, I started my career working in Search Engine Optimisation, working for a variety of New Zealand and Australian based clients.

Although I quickly moved into roles of greater responsibility, my passion for SEO never wavered. I finally landed a role as the production manager at a renowned NZ web agency. This role allowed me to learn the ins and outs of running a digital agency and taught me how to juggle multiple responsibilities while still delivering projects on time, and within budget.

Upon returning from a backpacking excursion through Central America, (That's me on the left, exploring some Honduran Ruins) I founded Warkworth Web. Warkworth is the area in which I grew up, went to school and always found myself drawn to. With such tight knit community, I saw the opportunity to create a web company that caters to locals. Where you can deal with a local who understands your world. So don't become another notch on a big city agency belt - Keep it local, with Warkworth Web.



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